About Drue

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Hi There and Welcome to my Website!

Now that you are following my journey, I thought I’d share a bit of the history with you.

I have grown up with a passion for health, food and fitness. It has always been an interest and a hobby of mine. One day my cousin asked me why I haven’t taken this further, and made a career out of it…and that is when it all fell into place. I had spent hours chatting to my family and friends, always being the ‘nutty health freak.’ If I could inspire them, surely I could inspire others too?

So, 3 years ago I began my journey and enrolled to study a BSc(Honours) Nutritional Science degree at a University in the UK. The plan is to top this off with a practice diploma, giving me the expertise to practice Nutritional Therapy. My aim is to help educate people about the importance of nutrition for optimal health.

3 years later, and still a few more years to go, I find myself even more engrossed in the subject. At the same time, I have taken up a job at a leading health and wellness retailer in South Africa. I get to be surrounded by what I love every single day, and this makes me happy!

The thought of this website was provoked as I want to be able to share more knowledge with more people. Each section of my studies takes me by surprise, teaching me the importance of scientifically credible information, and reliable researching. All my health articles are written using an extensive range of references in order to bring you reliable and interesting articles.

Cooking and baking = happy place. The music goes on, the creativity comes out and I am left with a new recipe to share with you. I hope you feel the love that goes into these recipes, and enjoy testing some of them out.

As with anything, it’s all about the team you work with! Lucky for me, I have an extremely creative and talented mom, who can take credit for all the food styling. I am secondly blessed with a photographer that continues to WOW me with her fun, yet professional approach to food photography. Here we are…after a long day of work…


There are others to take credit too, such as the website designer and creator, Cape Flair (Always on ball and very patient with my endless questions), and the friends who support and encourage me every step of the way! You are all amazing.


Most of all and most importantly, I want you to take something from my page – no matter how big or how small. I want something to stick with you, and contribute to your healthy, happy life. Enjoy!

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