BeanFill – a new home necessity

Time flies when you’re having fun! I purchased these reusable coffee pods a while ago now, and promised myself I would do a review…I think it’s been about a month now and I’m finally sitting down to write something. The thing is, these are probably one of the best buys I have made this year (competing highly with my obsession with Superbalist online shopping). I found them at the Coffee and Chocolate Festival and was sold from the very beginning. Interested to hear more? I won’t keep you waiting…


So many benefit of having your very own coffee pod to use over and over again. All you do is screw open the top, fill it with your own choice of ground coffee, screw on the lid and pop it into your Nespresso machine. It’s compatible with all Nespresso machines (post 2003). One of the benefits for me is that I get to choose my coffee – Organic, Fairtrade coffee of course. This is a big win for me as I continually read about the chemicals and amount of processing that goes into the coffee-making process these days. It’s not that I am slating Nespresso, it’s just that I don’t like to be constricted in my choices. I have found the best coffee at Wellness Warehouse, Fabino, and it is working wonders in my little pod.

Each time you use your reusable pod, you are single handedly helping to save the environment. Imagine the amount of aluminium pods that are not recycled and end up in South Africa’s landfills every year – now you can help make a difference.

A note from the main man, Claude:

” Waldo and I both work a 9 to 5, fueled by coffee, produced by a Nespresso machine. The cost of purchasing pods,  limitations in terms of flavour, and waste we produced, got us thinking. We started experimenting with the plastic reusable pods currently available in the market place but several ‘plastic’ coffee’s later and we needed something better.

The bean had been sown.

It took almost a year and several prototypes to get the final product, a surgical grade stainless steel reusable pod. We launched the product in September 2016 and although we have had a slow start, it has been a positive one.
We feel BeanFill has a bright future and we are moving from a product design and manufacture mindset to a marketing one, in order to get our name and product out there.

So get yourself a BeanFill, save money and do your little bit to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills.”

Lastly, this is actually the cheaper option. Instead of buying the pods, with all their excess packaging, you pay once off for the pod (R350) and then fill it with your own coffee. The pods are manufactured using high quality materials that will never rust and are dishwasher safe.

Have I managed to convert you yet? If not, pop over to their website and watch their video clip

Or…if I was successful and in turn, helped save the environment, start shopping online here

Until next time, adios!


*Please note that this is an unbiased review, and I have not been sponsored by any of the mentioned brands.

Images have been taken off the BeanFill website

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