Ecoffee Cup – Review

First day using my ecocoffee cup!

I got way too excited at the Coffee and Chocolate Festival over the weekend and ended up buying 3 eco coffee mugs. I must say, I have become a lot more aware about the impact of packaging on the environment and am trying in every way that I can to reduce my carbon footprint. This festival was a great place to see what is happening in the market and I was warmed to know that there is lots of environmental innovation going on out there.

What is the ecoffee cup?

The ecofee cup is 100% sustainable, in both its manufacturing and its use. It’s made of naturally organic bamboo fibres (my new favourite sustainable material) and corn starch. The sleeve and lid are made from food grade silicone. It’s amazingly BPA and phthalate free, which was a main concern for me when using plastic, disposable coffee cups.

What is BPA?

BPA is an organic synthetic chemical that is used in the making on many plastics. There is quite a concern around BPA plastics and research has shown many negative health effects. It is mostly found in takeaway coffee lids, and becomes dangerous when hot, acidic coffee passes through into your body. The heat as well as the acidity release dangerous toxins into your body. For this reason, it’s essential that we make the move to safer BPA-free plastic products. This is just the start!

Fact from ecoffee:

“Every time you use your Ecoffee Cup you’re helping make a tiny dent in the 100 billion single-use coffee cups that go to land fill each year!”

My Experience

It’s got a strange texture, I’ll be honest, but I have used it twice now and I am already used to it. It doesn’t influence the taste of my tea or coffee. A good selling point for me, because I am lazy when it comes to doing dishes – it is dishwasher safe (the cup at least, not the lid).

Fun fact that I learnt from reading up on their website: “When you‘re finished with it you can simply crush it, soak it in boiling water and  bury it with your organic compost to start the biodegrading process. The food grade silicone lid and sleeve can be recycled with your curb side recycling – and we’re working on making it biodegradable too!”

At the same time, Wellness has brought in a new 100% Arabica, organic coffee. It’s strong and delicious and my perfect start to the day. I hand over my ecoffee cup to make my morning Almond Breeze Cappuccino. Gotta love working near a Wellness Cafe…Day made!

On the weekend I’ll be testing out my new ecopod in my coffee machine – review on that will be coming soon.

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Please note that this is an unbiased review, and I have not been sponsored by any of the mentioned brands.

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