Galileo Open Air Theater Experience

Part 1 of my “Healthy Summer Activities” series

I’m starting a series so get ready to be amazed at just how much there is to do in Cape Town over the summer. In winter we get stuck in restaurants or on the couch all tucked away but in summer we fly!!

It was recently the media launch of the Galileo Open Air Theater in Kirstenbosch gardens. It was a first for me although I have always had it on my ‘to-do’ list. The film was ‘It’s About Time’ – a sweet romcom about a geeky boy who is able to go back in time. He uses his ability to find a girlfriend and the story is centered around family and love. I guess the film isn’t actually the important part though – let’s get to the setting.

Picture this

Setting up my picnic blanket and picnic chairs on the luscious grass at Kirstenbosch

People-watching while enjoying a snacky meal before the sun sets

Watch the sun set behind the beautiful mountain, while snapping numerous pics – none that actually match the real view

Settle down with my blanket and my man as the movie starts

Remember to take a few moments every now and again to enjoy the starry night

See a shooting star and get excited

Make an un-achievable wish – as always

Take advantage of the cool night air to snuggle even closer

Enjoy the rest of the evening before calling it a successful date night and reading up on when I can come again!

I bet you want to know the schedule now? Here you go:

It’s not only Kirstenbosch that hosts these wonderful evenings, you can find a place near you. Click here for the full list of movies as well as venues and dates.

The event also features Seattle coffee, Savannah Cider and a number of different food stalls. You can rent blankets and chairs there at a pretty cheap price so there is no prep required for this fun evening. Just buy your tickets, arrive and relax!

Find out more about the line up, venues and ticket costs here:

Until, the next Healthy Summer Activity – cheers !


Snacking up at one of the many food stands
Perfect idea and evening for date night
A classic sunset pic that's not as good as the real thing
Settling in for a good romcom movie night