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I’ve recently re-prioritised my life and I am finding some time to exercise, a very important part for everyone on their health and fitness journey.

One main problem for me, and I think a lot of people: MOTIVATION!

Long day of work, stress building up, feeling a bit like the couch is a way better idea…excuses are endless and we need to say goodbye to them! Join me in saying goodbye to my excuses as I try out many fun exercise options around Cape Town!

One way to get motivated is to join classes and Cape Town is the perfect place to do that. With so much going on and so many active people around, your excuses are really not valid.

The Candibod Fitclub

The Candibod FitClub is one to put on your list…although its not for the feint hearted. I arrived for my first class one early Saturday morning thinking, ya know…i’m not that unfit, it’ll be chilled…and leaving feeling like… okay, i’m a little unfit and i’m gonna need to come back here to sort that out.

It’s perfectly situated above the Sea Point pool on the promenade and all you need is an exercise mat and a bottle of water. Candice, owner of FitClub, mixes a dynamic range of exercises that target the whole body, and brings in some cardio elements in between. I for one, was blown away at how such a small human being can be so strong. #fitnessgoals101

The class is small, with only women, and has a really warm and welcoming feel to it. No one is there to judge or to show off, but rather to connect with other women and to encourage each other towards our fitness goals.

A little something from Candice herself 

“Now I know what you are thinking ‘Please don’t let this be just another boot-camp‘ well ladies you are in luck because it ain’t. The reason I created the CandiBod Fitclub was to bring women from all cultures, shapes and fitness levels together, not only to break a sweat and start the day in a positive way, but to get a chance to network with the amazing women this city holds so close to her heart.
Each workout begins with getting to know the ladies who have joined that day, we break a sweat and for those with extra time we grab a coffee for the perfect ending. The reason I wanted to create this community for the women of Cape Town, to not only empower themselves by committing to the workout, but be empowered by the women surrounding them.”
Post Workout Nutrition
 Now if you are increasing the exercise, its important to eat the right foods. Below are my favourite post-workout breakfasts.
I find it best to eat within one hour of exercising, to fuel the body properly and avoid any post-workout energy dips.
 Now for the details:

Pop Candice an email or DM to book your space

Day: Every Wednesday

Time: 6am – 7am

Cost: R100 per class

Let me know what you think of your first class :)

Good Luck Ladies!

Contact Candice


Instagram: @candibod

Facebook: candibod


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