Assorted Date Balls
Posted on February 1, 2016
Makes 8 balls
Gluten free
Snacks & Treats
Sugar free
For the date balls
1 cup dried dates
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup almond flour
1/4 cup mixed seeds (chia, linseeds, sunflower or pumpkin seeds)
1 Tbsp cacao (optional)
1 Tsp vanilla essence (optional)
For the toppings
Your choice of:
Desiccated coconut
Sesame seeds
Goji berries
Almond nut butter
I made these delicious energy-packed super balls for a sugar-free friend of mine. She was delighted to have a homemade, healthy snack. Dates provide the nutrients you need, while satisfying your sweet tooth. Combining them with a protein source (seeds, nuts, nut flours) assists with lowering the GI of these naturally sweet fruits. This assists with blood sugar control - slowing the release of sugar into the blood stream keeps you fuller for longer and decreases cravings and sugar dips. My special date balls aim to surprise, so it's time for you to get creative with this 'tried-and-tested' recipe.
Place dates in a bowl and cover with a splash of boiling water.
Leave to soak for 10 minutes and then remove dates from the water.
Combine coconut flour, almond flour, vanilla essence, seeds and cacao in a blender.
Process dates separately. (Can also use a fork to mash them up)
Combine dry ingredients with dates to form a dough-like texture. Adjust the flour quantity until you have the desired consistency (must stick together).
If you have added too much flour, simply add a drop of water that the dates soaked in, until you have a sticky mixture.
Roll into balls using your hands.
Now comes the fun part...roll the balls in your favourite topping: Goji berries, desiccated coconut, cacao or seeds. You can even cut one in half and add some almond butter to the middle before re-sealing.
Be fun. Be creative!
date balls - side view close S
date balls - top view S