Baked Apples
Posted on July 5, 2016
Serves 8
Gluten free
8 green apples, cored
4 tsp mixed spice or cinnamon (your preference)
20 or so raisins
Yogurt to serve
Cacao nibs to serve
Sweet, satisfying and incredibly delicious. These baked apples are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy dessert option. Being naturally sweet, there is no need to add sugar or honey - simply enjoy nature's natural sweetness. When I lived at home, there were always baked apples in the fridge.
Core apples (not right through).
Fill the center of the apples with raisins and mixed spice or cinnamon.
Place in a baking dish with about 1 cm of water.
Bake on 160C for about 45 minutes, or until soft and mushy - the skin may split and brown a bit.
Note: You can bake them for less time if you would prefer a firmer apple.
Place your apple on a dollop of yogurt and sprinkle with cacao nibs or simply enjoy as is.
Apple 2 small
apples tree image
Apple 3 small
Apple 4 small