Egg Fried Rice
Posted on September 6, 2016
Serves 4
Gluten free
Sugar free
1 cup brown rice
1 red pepper
1 onion, chopped
1 clove garlic
1 1/2 cups peas
1 tin tuna, drained
2 eggs, slightly whisked
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Optional: 1tsp chilli flakes
This is the easiest and most hassle-free dish to make. How do I know this - well my boyfriend uses this as his 'go-to' dinner whenever I beg him to cook for me :) Even better, it's healthy too! High in protein with a balanced amount of carbs and healthy fats. Brown rice is a good source of protein, fibre and magnesium; peas are a great source of fibre, and as we all know, tuna is an easy source of omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Make this dish work for you by adding any leftover veggies you like. You can also swap out the tuna for chicken strips, or simply leave it as a vegetarian option. Time to get oriental with this egg-fried rice dish.
Boil rice until cooked.
In the meantime, boil peas for 3 minutes, or until cooked.
In a large wok or deep pan, fry onion, red pepper, garlic and chilli flakes (optional) in coconut oil until cooked.
Once everything is cooked, add the rice and tuna to the wok and stir to combine.
Make a hole in the middle and add the egg.
Leave to stand for 15 seconds so the egg starts forming.
Now fold in the rice mixture until the egg is well distributed throughout.
Season with salt and pepper and enjoy warm.
Egg Fried Rice Small
Egg Fried Rice Small
Egg Fried Rice Small
Egg Fried Rice Small