Traditional Hummus
Posted on February 23, 2016
Gluten free
Snacks & Treats
Sugar free
1 can chickpeas, drained (keep 1/4 cup liquid)
2 Tbsp tahini
1/2 lemon, juice only
1 clove garlic (optional - I prefer without)
1 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
Herbs or spices of choice
(cayenne pepper, paprika, chilli flakes)
Hummus is by far the easiest recipe out there, yet still I see people buying it off the shelves. Next time you are grocery shopping, check out the nasty ingredients at the back of the hummus packet - not good! Now you can make your own with minimal effort and less cost! The main ingredient of hummus is chickpeas - a high fibre, high protein bean with many health benefits. They are especially beneficial for digestive support and colon health due to their large amount of insoluble fibre. I eat hummus with just about anything, but my favourite is to include it into my work snacks. Pair a carbohydrate (apple or carrot sticks) with hummus for a satisfying and filling work snack.
Add all ingredients into a blender and pulse until smooth.
I like to leave my hummus a bit chunky so I add less liquid, but add extra water or chickpea liquid if you prefer a smoother consistency.
Season to your liking - I usually add a dash of cayenne pepper or chilli flakes and some mixed green herbs.
Garnish with green herbs and serve with raw veggie sticks.
hummus300px close
Hummus300px prep
hummus300px close up