For the Kids – Snack Muffins
Back to school lunches just got a whole lot yummier - try out these kid-tested muffins for the lunchbox!
For the Kids – Banana Bread!
I've teamed up with Chef Michelle to bring you this delicious one for the kids, and maybe a few slices for you too! Thanks to Michelle for sharing her kids favourite banana bread recipe with us :)
Reset Green Juice
This is the ultimate reset juice for your Monday morning. It always leaves me feeling refreshed, reset and healthy.
Protein Pancakes
My brother has a magic recipe - i'm not quite sure how he made it up but i's to die for! This is the perfect post-workout protein pancake, providing your body with a good mix of complex carbohydrates, essential fats and powerful protein.
Breakfast Bars
On-the-go breakfast or mid-morning coffee snacks - I've got you! These bars are high in complex carbohydrates, making them the ideal energy-sustaining mid-morning snack. Pack these gluten-free goodies into your lunch box!
Soaked Oaty Breakfast
This has been my new winter staple breakfast. Soaked Oats are easy to make and are warm and comforting to keep your tummy full in the cold wintery months.
Baked Apples
Sweet, satisfying and incredibly delicious. These baked apples are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy dessert option. Being naturally sweet, there is no need to add sugar or honey - simply enjoy nature's natural sweetness.
Pineapple Smoothie
Just pure goodness packed into one delicious and colourful glass. Make this tasty, fresh energy booster your digestion friend.
Simple Summer Berry Smoothie
Berries are a wonderfully magical fruit. Packed with health benefits to say the least, these powerful fruits are low in calories and have a sweet, satisfying taste.
Drue’s Special Homemade Granola
The perfect way to start your day - try out this recipe for homemade granola and you will never look back.