Fresh Watermelon Salad
The perfect pool-side or after-beach salad to enjoy in this summer heat.
Reset Green Juice
This is the ultimate reset juice for your Monday morning. It always leaves me feeling refreshed, reset and healthy.
Turmeric-Coated Angel Fish
Fish is a wonderful protein source, while being low in carbs and a source of healthy fats. It's also delicious, simple to make and pairs with any veggies you have available. Happy cooking !
Herb-Crusted Angel Fish
I have been having so much fun with Angel fish lately, but you can really use any white fish in this recipe. I find it goes wonderfully with chopped avocado and roasted sweet potato wedges. Happy cooking !
Gluten Free Pesto Pasta
Sometimes, when its cold outside and you're feeling hungry, pasta just hits the perfect spot. Dollop with your own homemade pesto and roasted baby tomatoes for the perfect winter meal.
Homemade Basil Pesto
Make your own fresh basil pesto, easy, tasty and super healthy! Stir into pasta, dollop onto salad or use as a dip with your fresh veggies.
Rice Carbonara (cream-free!)
I'm focusing on healthy versions of family favourites at the moment, and a carbonara had to make the list. Warm up with this creamy, cream-free carbonara this winter!
Lemon Bliss Balls
These lemony treats are the perfect tea time snack for mid-morning or late afternoon, paired with a cup of tea or a fresh juice. This is the kind of recipe you can play with. With so few ingredients, try adding your own spark.
Roast Chicken with Veggies
We all love a Sunday Roast and now that it's winter, it's time to indulge in these family favourites. Pair this roasted chicken with some seasonal roasted veggies and a glass of red wine!
Cornflake-Crumbed Chicken Thighs
Love a good old chicken schnitzel but staying away from the bad stuff? Stay inventive with your food and make it exciting for everyone with healthy spins on good old favourites :) Try these cornflake-crumbed chicken thighs and you will be converted :)