For the Kids – Banana Bread!
I've teamed up with Chef Michelle to bring you this delicious one for the kids, and maybe a few slices for you too! Thanks to Michelle for sharing her kids favourite banana bread recipe with us :)
Chocolate Date Biscuits
If you are looking for a chocolate treat, then you have it right here! These are perfect to serve for a late afternoon or evening tea with friends, trust me - they will LOVE them!
Sweet Potato Brownie
For the LOVE of chocolate! Who ever thought of using sweet potato to make a chocolate brownie...well here you go! Enjoy :)
Lemon Bliss Balls
These lemony treats are the perfect tea time snack for mid-morning or late afternoon, paired with a cup of tea or a fresh juice. This is the kind of recipe you can play with. With so few ingredients, try adding your own spark.
Protein Pancakes
My brother has a magic recipe - i'm not quite sure how he made it up but i's to die for! This is the perfect post-workout protein pancake, providing your body with a good mix of complex carbohydrates, essential fats and powerful protein.
Peanut Butter Muffins
Try out these fluffy, gluten free peanut butter muffins with chocolate chips - a real crowd-pleaser!
Wazoogles Protein Brownies
Sometimes we do need to treat ourselves and our loved ones and what better way than with chocolate and hearts. Double up - these brownies are also packed with healthy plant proteins as well as being indulgently chocolatey.
Baked Apples
Sweet, satisfying and incredibly delicious. These baked apples are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy dessert option. Being naturally sweet, there is no need to add sugar or honey - simply enjoy nature's natural sweetness.
Apple Muffins
Feel like a warm treat with your afternoon tea - look no further. These apple and cinnamon muffins are sugar-free and still sweet plus gluten-free and still fluffy and delicious. They definitely hit the spot!
Goji Berry Bites
Nom nom to these delicious goji berry bites. With only 3 ingredients, how can you say no to trying these out. Well know superfood, Goji Berries, lend a unique and fulfilling taste, making these the ideal snack for anytime of the day.