Quinoa & Zucchini Rounds
I love to pair these with seasonal avocado, homemade hummus and sprouts or micro greens. I've also topped one with chicken strips before - very versatile and very yum!
Goji Chocolate Brownies
Nothing better than a chocolaty treat! Combine these wonderful superfoods into a yummy guilt-free chocolate brownie.
Avocado Coleslaw
Swap out the traditional, fatty coleslaw for this yummy healthy option. It's super fresh and healthy, packed with essential fats from avocado and vitamin-rich veggies.
Protein Pancakes
My brother has a magic recipe - i'm not quite sure how he made it up but i's to die for! This is the perfect post-workout protein pancake, providing your body with a good mix of complex carbohydrates, essential fats and powerful protein.
Apple & Fennel Salad
This is a summer family favourite. So fresh and crisp, it’s ideal for a hot summer’s day.
Strawberry Salad
Summer marks the start of fresh and colourful salads. Brighten up your day with this fresh strawberry salad.
Mini Zucchini Bites
Too cute! I can't resist these mini zucchini bites, made with hardly any ingredients, and hardly any effort. Wow yourself with this simplicity.
Chickpea Cakes with Yogurt & Tahini dip
These chickpea cakes are pretty much just hummus in a patty. Show your taste buds how good vegetarian can really taste.
Breakfast Bars
On-the-go breakfast or mid-morning coffee snacks - I've got you! These bars are high in complex carbohydrates, making them the ideal energy-sustaining mid-morning snack. Pack these gluten-free goodies into your lunch box!
Peanut Butter Muffins
Try out these fluffy, gluten free peanut butter muffins with chocolate chips - a real crowd-pleaser!