Search below for my ‘tried and tested’ favourite recipes. Each one has been adapted until the perfect combination is reached. I love having fun and being creative in the kitchen, and can’t wait to share this passion with you. Most recipes can be adapted for any diet type. If you aren’t sure about anything, simply pop me a mail and I’ll do my best to make sure your cooking experience is a good one! Have fun and spread the love!

Goji Berry Bites
Nom nom to these delicious goji berry bites. With only 3 ingredients, how can you say no to trying these out. Well know superfood, Goji Berries, lend a unique and fulfilling taste, making these the ideal snack for anytime of the day.
Seared Tuna Steak with Pistachio Dressing
This is a family favourite, usually whipped up by my father, the seafood master chef. Enjoy with wasabi, ginger and delicious pistachio dressing.
Espresso Chocolate Muffins
Holy Moly! Nutty, chocolatey, delightfully sweet and still healthy - no lies! Combining the flavours of chocolate and coffee to deliver a uniquely delectable taste.
Cottage Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast
This recipe is homey, comforting, easy and tastes amazing. Pair these chicken breasts with salad or steamed green veggies for a healthy lunch or dinner option.
Simple Summer Berry Smoothie
Berries are a wonderfully magical fruit. Packed with health benefits to say the least, these powerful fruits are low in calories and have a sweet, satisfying taste.
Traditional Hummus
Make your own hummus with minimal effort, and not to mention at a cheaper cost. Pair a carbohydrate (apple or carrot sticks) with hummus for a satisfying and filling work snack.
Curried Quinoa Bowl
Start off your week on a healthy note with this tasty curried quinoa bowl. It's vegan and gluten free and the flavours pull through to provide an amazing and comforting dish.
Drue’s Special Homemade Granola
The perfect way to start your day - try out this recipe for homemade granola and you will never look back.
Assorted Date Balls
Sink your sweet tooth into one of my assorted date balls. Refined sugar-free and gluten-free, these treats are a great way to satisfy any sweet tooth, without de-railing your diet. Each one with a different creative surprise!
Tuna Fishcakes
Easy, fun and delicious. These tuna fishcakes are great with hummus or avo and make a delish healthy dinner
Muffin Frittatas
Protein and veggie packed frittatas with a twist. Using a muffin pan makes these the perfect size for a mid-morning snack, lunchbox favourite or dinner party entrée.
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