Review: Fria’s Superfoods

I went to spend a morning in the kitchen of Fria, from Fria’s Superfoods and we made all sorts of yummy goodies and WOW, YUM!

One thing that really stuck out for me was her creativity – even when she was baking the non-healthy treats, she still oozed creativity and spark. A natural baker I would say! Over the years she has moved to a much healthier way of baking, using natural protein powders, sprouted nuts and seeds, and sugar and flour alternatives.

We started with a cup of tea and a yummy sprouted black bean truffle dipped in 100% dark chocolate… definitely one way to start the morning that I could get used to…! These were a definite favourite and I was over the moon when Fria gave me a little goodie box to take home with me :)

We then tried a chocolate peppermint mouse cake and a banocolate tart – I was hesitant as I’m not a huge fan of mint or or banana…but these blew my mind! I asked Fria how she makes the peppermint layer and she explained that she used Spirulina and Moringa to get to the bright green colour… I mean how awesome, superfoods in a cake!! The chocolate mousse part was unbelievable and I had to remember to be polite and not lick the entire bowl!

After these tastings, we started to make the Snickers Cake (something I was really looking forward to). It was inspiring to watch Fria move around the kitchen, clearly a place she loves to be. She has a relationship with the ingredients she uses and you can taste the love in the end product. Needless to say, the Snickers cake was to die for!

So instead of me blabbing on about my sweet tooth, I asked Fria to give us a little insight into her business and how she started. After I have converted you to your new favourite superfood snack, you can shop the link at the bottom of the page and enjoy an additional 10% discount, courtesy of Frost and Fria.

A note from Fria

Fria’s superfoods was born out of necessity (due to my overpowering sweet tooth) and a love of cooking/baking and raw foodism. I love biscuits, chocolates, sweets and pastries and because of this all-consuming love, I tend to go overboard with them. Those people who can only eat one biscuit a day? I am not one of them. More like one packet a day.

So I decided that I needed to adjust my daily treats to have my (healthy) cake and be able to eat it too! Obviously I wasn’t an expert health cook in a day. There have been many failed dishes and hesitant guinea pigs in between, but these days I can create a tasty and healthy treat almost 70% of the time. The other 30% will never change because I am constantly learning about new food, new methods of cooking and trying out new recipes!

You’re probably wondering whether a “healthy” treat can also be tasty. I was one of those skeptic people and wasn’t quite convinced when I tried a few of those recipes myself. One of my friends told me that avocado chocolate mousse is the best healthy mousse I will ever eat! So I tried making it and it was horrible. I followed the recipe to the letter, but I still tasted avocado and the consistency wasn’t smooth like you would expect a mousse to be. A few years later and I make a chocolate avocado mousse that will have you washing my dishes for a week in order to get your hands on my recipe. It’s still the same recipe, I just adjusted the quantities of each ingredient and never make it without my trusty food processor. The same goes with replacing flour and sugar in recipes – I have baked hundreds of muffins and biscuits and breads with almond, chickpea, oats and other flours and it didn’t always come out soft and fluffy.

The process of “healthifying” a treat is actually quite simple. I just make your normal treats like lemon cheesecake or a chocolate truffle and then I “healthify” them by replacing all the bad stuff like sugar, white flour and nasty additives with good stuff like honey/xylitol, coconut flour, nuts and beans. I went through a serious sprouting phase and still sprout certain ingredients before adding it to my treats to increase its nutritional content. I am trying to exercise at least four times a week and sometimes I need a bit of a protein boost, and that is why I started to add a protein powder to the treats as well. It’s just so damn convenient. Now I will just grab a coffee work-out bar or a lemon bliss ball after gym and I know I am getting in a whole lot of nutrients because it is filled with sprouted nuts and seeds and healthy protein.

It never really occurred to me to sell my treats during the early stages of Fria’s Superfoods. I used to give them away because I was experimenting so much and I could never eat it all by myself! It was only when I started to buy superfoods and my income couldn’t keep up with my experimenting that I started to sell the treats here and there. I slowly started building up a client base and as I started to grow, I was guided into making Fria’s Superfoods more official. There is obviously still a very long way to go, but life is all about the journey in any case, and I am definitely enjoying the ride!

After tasting these treats, there is no way anyone can say that healthy eating is not attainable. These can satisfy event he harshest of health critics. Come on – I dare you :)

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*Feature image by Sam Rorwana

Meet the master behind the madness, Fria of Fria's Superfoods.
The black bean truffles were definitely my favourite :)
Fria Black Bean Truffles 2
Fria has the best gluten free cakes out there - such as peppermint mousse cake and banoclate cake
Definitely a winner here with this yummy snickers cake
Snickers Cake
You can order your goodie box today! Order directly on her website, from UberEats or from OrderIn.
Fria superfood pack