Visit the Mountains

Part 3 of my “Healthy Summer Activities” series

The Pipe Track

The best thing about hiking trails in Cape Town is that there really is something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced, worldly hiker or simply someone wanting to get out, there will be a trail for you. 2 of my favourite ‘minimal-effort’ mountain walks are pipe track and the Jonkershoek waterfall.

Let’s start with the pipe track – a simple, after-work stroll that spans from Table Mountain all the way to Camps Bay, harbouring a beautiful view of the coast line the whole way. The terrain is very gradual and it makes for an easy, but very enjoyable walk.

How to get there: Drive up Kloof neck road and turn left toward Table Mountain road. On your left as you turn, there will be parking lot – park there and head across to the road to start your walk.

Time: This can be a simple 30 minute stroll, a rocky trail run or a 2 hour walk – it just depends on what you are looking for. You can walk all the way to the end, or stop shorter, there are no rules J it’s beautiful to go during sunset, and I have even taken a booked and perched myself on a rock overlooking the view to enjoy the evening sun.

Some pics to entice you


a-pipetrack a-pipe-track-view

The Waterfall Hike

The Jonkershoek waterfall walk is another story – more of a day mission with friends than a simple after-work stroll. The beauty of the Jonkershoek Mountains is indescribable. It feels like they go on for days and if immersed in them, you may never find your way out. The waterfall hike, however, is as simple as 30 minutes of light walking before making it to a hidden gem. Once arrived, you can relax in the rock pools at the bottom or make your way up the top left to another hidden treasure. A bit of technical climbing required before you find yourself excluded on a ledge with a little pond filled with frogs and tadpoles. Swim, lay in the sun and relax with friends – I can assure you, you will never want to leave.

How to get there: Head into Stellenbosch and drive all the way up … road until to get to the Jonkershoek reserve. You need to pay at the gate before they allow you to drive about another 15 minutes to the start of the walk.

Time: Best to go early to mid-morning as you will want to spend some time there. The sun hides quite early and it gets chilly later on. The walk is about 20 – 30 minutes each way.

Some pics to entice you

A waterfall-3
A waterfall-2


The Pipe Track is an easy, anytime hike for all ages and fitness levels
The Waterfall Hike is an all-time favourite, to enjoy with a bunch of friends on a hot summers day